Allison Weigant

Allison Weigant

I thought I had it all figured out.  I was successful in the eyes of most - running a large IT company, knowing exactly what to do in business fearlessly.  I had a wonderful husband. A great family. Good friends. All I was thinking about was the next vacation or the new diet I wanted to try or what our retirement would look like.  No real worries. 

Then, everything changed in May 2013.  My sweet, creative husband, Jeff, came home with devastating news - he had advanced stage cancer and there was no cure.

While we went through all the newest treatments with the promise of adding time, I knew the other shoe would drop. And soon. I continued working and traveling for business but my heart was not in it.  Jeff was strong and continued to encourage and support me.  But all I wanted was to be home with him. In November 2015, I stepped down from my career to stay home and be there to comfort him. It was the best thing I ever did because the love of my life died of cancer in May 2016.  

Now was the really scary part...I had to figure out my life without my loving husband, without the 25-year career, and without a vision for my future. I felt vulnerable and fearful of what would happen to me.  How would I survive this?

What happened next was the blessing I needed. My friend, Kam, invited me to her family's beach house shortly after Jeff died.  As we drove, we talked about our dreams, what we loved (stopping along the way to shop), and found a shared passion for jewelry and accessories.  She was in the fashion business but needed a business direction - I had business knowledge but didn't know much about the fashion industry.  We both had a passion, a desire to be bold and to be supportive of women.

Six months later, BEAUXLD was born.

Most of us feel vulnerable. Most of us know fear. Most of us have a story.  Kam and I have learned to live our passion and be bold.  Tell us your story - and we hope you love our BEAUXLD collection. Live. Love. Be BEAUXLD.

A portion of the profits from my Allison Charm Bracelet will go to support the ongoing efforts to cure cancer through the American Cancer Society.

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The Allison Charm Bracelet