Andrea Banda

Andrea Banda

What I’ve learned in life is that sometimes you don’t choose to be bold all the time... Sometimes it chooses you.

I grew up in a very humble, inner city apartment in Boston.  I had a strong, practical Italian mother and an eccentric, unconventional father who gave up his dreams of being a jazz musician to conform to a more conventional family life.  This unlikely couple instilled in me the belief that if I worked hard and set goals I could achieve any dream and that my socioeconomic beginning did not have to dictate or limit my life’s trajectory. This has been the recipe of my life - Drive, Persistence, Goals, Dreams… and a fair share of challenges.

My passion of choice from a very young age was design and beauty.  As a child, I was astutely aware of the feeling I had when wearing a beautiful outfit or spending time in a lovely home.  It was empowering. 

Upon graduation from college, I chose to enter the home furnishings industry. For the last 25 years, honing a career that has led me to a fortunate position with an incredible company, Rooms To Go.  I believe that good design should be accessible to all and not be a privilege.  A home should be a haven and we all need one while traveling life’s rocky journey.

I lost my mother when I was young and lost my father a month after I got married.  A year and a half later, I gave birth to our son, Ian. While our story unfortunately is not rare – after a very tough year, Ian was diagnosed with Colitis and Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 14 months old. We lost the hopes and dreams we had for our son.

As most parents with a special needs child knows, you quickly become a BOLD advocate for your child. For nine years, my husband and I have done everything we possibly can to help Ian reach his full potential.  After the initial shock of the diagnosis wore off, I made the decision that we need to continue to honor our hopes and dreams for his life and never give up on his potential.  In doing so, we have seen him make strides that didn’t seem possible ten years ago.

I believe BOLDNESS sometimes chooses you.  It rises from within when chasing dreams… as well as confronting challenges.  I am fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband.  I am thankful to have a happy, spirited, and gutsy child who fights for his own progress.  I am fortunate to have a career that allows me to do what I love and in doing so live my dream of bringing good design to the masses. And I am thankful as an executive to be aligned with an organization that shares that my philosophy.

A portion of the profits from my Andrea necklace will go to support the ongoing efforts to cure autism through the Autism Speaks.

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