Mission, Vision and Social Good

Mission, Vision and Social Good

BEAUXLD is bold jewelry, worn by bold women, born from bold stories. Beauxld is a social good company, a percentage our profits will be donated to various charities chosen by each bold woman we recognize.  We are featuring women who are living boldly and are willing to share their stories. The criteria for a bold woman is brave, authentic, vulnerable, kind and supportive to women.

BEAUXLD values are who we are and what we live:

Laughter / Love / Life


    We are BRAVE.

    We stand in our strength. We are independent, courageous and adventurous. We are not afraid of the spotlight, but not dependent on it either. We live in the arena. We are empowering. We are supportive of women and those who support women. We make the world better through our strength. We are appreciative. We are extremely grateful, positive and thankful. We are confidently proud and cheerfully blessed. We are unexpected. We are southern badasses.  We are creative. We are unapologetic, unpredictable, uninhibited. We are rebellious against social norms. We are delighted by surprise.  We are Exposed.

    We also welcome your stories and nominations for bold women to highlight. Please send us your suggestions for bold women to boldstories@beauxld.com.