Allison Weigant - CEO

Allison Weigant

Allison Gross Weigant is an executive business operations leader with 25 years of broad experience in all aspects of the labor, staffing, solutions, and consulting industry with a particular focus on leadership, client relationships, sales and sales management. She has a strong understanding of business and financial analysis and progressive management business projects and teams as well as new business development. Successful in building highly-competitive business teams nationally and internationally.  Additional credentials include successful corporation sales, mergers, acquisitions and integration in the labor industry.

Throughout her career, Allison has been known for her fabulous style and accessories.  She is excited about applying all her business skills and abilities in the fashion industry.

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Kam Throckmorton - Chief Creative Officer

Kam Throckmorton

Kam Thomas Throckmorton is a co-founder of BEAUXLD and our in-house stylist here to serve our fans. She is also the face and fashion of Glam Kam, an Atlanta-based company focused on elevating the confidence of women through the transformative power of clothing and style. A fashion stylist and graduate of the University of Georgia, she has combined her degree in Social Work with a keen eye and over 13 years of experience and research to build a unique mission and brand.

Kam’s mission is far more than personal styling and luxury logos. She believes confident women can change the world and knows the transformative power of image and style. She loves cultivating confidence in people through one-on-one styling and public speaking engagements. Whether it’s a closet edit, photo shoot or personal shopping, Kam’s goal is to create life-changing looks for her clients that exude confidence for everyone from CEOs to soccer moms.

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Kathy Hubert - VP, Customer Experience

Kathy Hubert

Kathy Reeves Hubert had a thirty-year career as a Delta Flight Attendant. Her latter years were spent flying internationally. Her style was influenced by many stylish women spanning the globe.

The two answers that all flight attendants give in their application interviews are. ”We love people and travel". This certainly rang true for Kathy. She anticipates needs and solves problems. She and her husband raised four children who all support themselves. She gave birth to "Glam Kam", so she gets the credit for ALL everything!

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ZAZU - Chairman of the Board


ZAZU is a rescued red female Doberman who asserts her role as the BEAUXLD office mascot. She loves an occasional treat and ensuring the rest of the team gets away from the jewelry and takes her for walks.